To submit comments - the process is a little tricky... would you expect anything less from a government website? :-D

1) Go to the web site here:

​2) Click on the box with three dots in it on the second line (next to *Agency)

​3) Scroll down to find Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation and put a check in the box

4) A list will open up, look for "ENF Restoration 2015" and click on the paper icon with the green '+' on the far right of this line

5) Fill out the comment form and click "Send Email" to send your comments

6) Tell all your friends to do this too!

Here is a sample comment you can send - you'll probably want to edit it a little to make it your own language:

Dear Grant Review Committee,

My family and I urge you to deny this grant application for OHV Funding to the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation (CSNC). The applicant is a known opponent to OHV recreation, and therefore is not suited to restore OHV trails in a way that will support sustainable OHV recreation.

My family and I do support responsible recreation, including volunteering within the Rock Creek Trails in partnership with the USFS. I am a member of the Sierra Trail Dogs motorcycle club, who has adopted a trail within the Rock Creek Trails as well.

Instead of granting funds to anti-OHV groups for trail restoration, we strongly suggest you approve grants to pro-OHV groups who will not use OHV funds against the OHV community.

Thank you for your consideration of our feedback.

[Your name/your family members here]

From the D36 Legislative Action Office:

Hello everybody. It is in the LAW that anybody can comment on a grant, or apply for a Grant with certain restrictions, such as agency of fed, state, or C-3 only non-profits.

Note this grant is a RESTORATION GRANT, of which we have mandated funds that go into this Restoration Account specifically for restoration type of work. Of note, usually we have more money set aside due to the OLD commission direction when they USED to have control of the Grant Money.  The Grant Money this year is $26 million, with $$$ specific to trail maintenance, restoration, health and safety, education, law enforcement, planning, etc.

In 2007 we, OHV leaders, screamed bloody murder, we got SB742 Legislation passed by 99% of the legislature. In there, the OHV Commission was stripped of fiduciary duty (D36 & others pushed this) and now have -0- control of the funds.

When this happened, ALL the anti-OHV folks on the Commission QUIT the next day, as they lost the control over the money.

We also pushed legislation to increase the number of Commission Members FROM 7 to 9, to stop the program from being a “name generator” for some who applied that could care less about OHV, and only wanted to appeal and appease the the greenies and hypocrite party. (Like it or not, Democrats vote against us every chance they get because they are beholden to the Greens via election donations, favoritism, and friends that want us gone. I have seen this for decades.)

For each of you,
please go to Parks website noted below as ALL of you on this list can go into the GRANTS section and make comments on EVERY GRANT, and there is a ton of them because OHV is one of only a few agencies that has this, looking for cash to supplement their projects. CNSA can and does legally apply for our OHV funds.

Here is the Parks website for grants:

Make your comments and feelings known. EVERY comment is reviewed.  If you hate the grant as listed below, or others and it is simple to do once you get used to the program they use..  Enter your comment, say you do NOT support this grant as this Grant Applicant has SUED the OHV division many, many times and our trust fund was hurt by those lawsuits due to the cost(s) to defend them, which came STRAIGHT out of our TRUST FUND to pay all the legal costs.

If all of you make NEGATIVE comments on this grant, stating WHY you don’t support this grant, it will be heard in the Committee of OHV Staff at Division, who makes the decision of NO, GO or reduces the amount they have asked for, or modifies it in some way. We can make a difference.   Don’t just say the grant is bad. Try to come up with something such as the comment I made above.

But that is only good IF YOU COMMENT via the process. I do know, for fact, that each grant is reviewed and they take comments seriously.

Wanna get ticked off? See Lake County and Stanislaus Grants for Law Enforcement.  Both have Grants for LE at ALL wages at Time and a Half rather than regular time wages. This is BS, and cuts value of service by 1/3 so we pay more for something they already do, which is irresponsible and wastes our valuable CASH resources of the grant program.

You can also send a complaint letter to the County Board of Supervisors and share your feelings on charging OverTime for work and training. They in turn contact the Sheriff, who in turn has a “little talk with the Sheriff” and to explain.

The message must be clear.  Be fair in your grant applications, and the community will support the grant. Clean and simple.   Remember, the OHV community WANTS good grant candidates to get full funding.  Say this.

Spread the word on this as you see fit, but some of my oratory is not for general distribution please. THINK!

One good thing you can do, at the very end of your comment – is to sign it with your full NAME and then add AND FAMILY.    Edward Santin and family  or Edward and Pam Santin, Kelly and Heather   as a sample. Then you speak for MORE people…  You can add  OHV Enthusiast, D36 and AMA member, etc…

The KEY is to let them know you are watching, and your SUPPORT or OPPOSE the grant in its entirety, or only parts of it…

I hope this helps.

Dave Pickett
Legislative Action Office, Director
District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee
209-295-1207 Office
916-705-1545 Cell

PS.  Locate Lake County Sheriff comments I have submitted as an example sample…
The first time you look at how to comment, it is tricky.  If stuck, call 916-324-5801 which is OHV Division.  Ask to speak to a Grants Person, and they will walk you through it.  Also, tell them instructions are not very clear. 

Another thing, ALL Grants are go through an AUDIT post work completed. If not done as application states, State goes back to get our money back…


Read the article and the letter below, and then submit comments.


Trail "Restoration" means "Restoring the trail area to its natural, un-traveled state."

Otherwise said, Trail "Restoration" is equal to Trail "Deletion" or "Removal"

Environmental Extremist Groups are applying for OHV grants to close YOUR trails!